#WordlessWednesday: Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks . . . Every sunset holds the promise of another sunrise.


Flat Aggie Visits Maricle Family Farms

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Flat Aggie spent the month of October keeping busy in Nebraska. She visited Maricle Family Farms, which is in northeast Nebraska near the town of Albion. Our farm was established in 1871 and now the 6th generation is running the … Continue reading


“Dear Hero”: A Letter from the Farm Boy to Veterans

Veterans Day

*Photo taken & edited by Farm Princess

Dear Hero,

Thank you so much for protecting our country and our freedom. It probably feels good to be able to come home and enjoy what you have fought for. This is a day to remember the good feelings of family and not the bad feelings of the war because you probably have a lot of memories. Whether you were a mechanic or in the front lines you all made a huge difference to our country and I hope that everybody sees that. Once again thank you for fighting for our freedom and yours. Continue reading


Bubba-Bug Popcorn

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Now entering the third year, the kids’ popcorn business venture has evolved yet again.  Although the patch got bigger – three times over – it was still planted by hand.  My farm boy chose a different variety this year, which … Continue reading


We interrupt this 30 Days to bring you real life.

I woke to, “Mom! There is literally nothing left in the cupboards.”

Yep and no laundry had been done.

I co-chair the school’s book fair and had spent the week in the gym turned bookstore, helping kids and parents find books, books and more books.  Every day, students filed through pulling handfuls of piggy bank change from their pockets.  They were all so pleased to walk away with something from the book fair.  Continue reading


Post Double Take: Dad’s Church

Sleeping in is just not part of a farmer’s vocabulary.  Whether it was chores during the week or housecleaning on Saturdays, our bodies unfolded from deep sleep in the wee hours of every day. Sundays were no different.  Although our … Continue reading


Post Double Take: #WordlessWednesday: Sit Still

Train tracks run east-west about a mile north of our farm. Some say freight trains pass by every 15 minutes during the day.  I’m inclined to agree.  To get to my in-laws place and the farm shop, we have to … Continue reading