Baling Hay in Pictures

Baling hay and straw was my job on the farm and I do miss the dust, sweat and scratch of the alfalfa and straw.  Continue reading

Farm Walks, Bike Rides & School Dances

In order to keep my sanity in the months after my farm boy was born, I took to packing him in the stroller and heading out for walks. The farmer to the north had a small pasture in which fluffy white sheep would graze. We visited often, watching lambs bounce around and grow big through the summer. Continue reading


What is Fair Week?

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If you follow any farmer bloggers, I would venture you’ve been reading a lot about fairs – 4-H fairs, FFA fairs, county fairs and state fairs. Fairs are the quintessential summer activity giving us funnel cakes, lemonade shake-ups, corn dogs, … Continue reading


Field Report from Rural Route 2

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I often get asked, “Can you plant different types of corn in one field?” The answer is “yes!”  And we do in the field that sprawls just east of our home.  This year the end rows are populated by popcorn, … Continue reading


Our Farm is More Than Monsanto

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This Saturday crowds will gather to wave signs and chant against one of the more frustrating and ridiculous conspiracies of our time – that Monsanto is out to take over the world.


Flat Aggie Visits Two Chicks Farm Alpacas

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We are so glad to have Flat Aggie visit Two Chicks Farm Alpacas. Our farm is located in northern New York State, about 60 miles north of Syracuse and 30 minutes south of the 1000 Islands Bridge and St. Lawrence … Continue reading

#WordlessWednesday: Fence Building

Fields Too WetThere’s more to this story.  Stay tuned.