Rural Route 2 is my reflection on farm life from farmer’s daughter to farmer’s wife. It is the not so glamorous journey from single-minded career girl to mother, cook, cleaner, gardener, chauffer and official farm “go-fer”.

Ethan, Andy, Katie & Natalie

Ethan, Andy, Katie & Natalie

My Farmer is the 7th generation to raise corn, soybeans and seed corn in north central Illinois. While we farm with his family, we live close enough to my childhood home to keep up with the goings-on there.

Our parents gave my sibilings and I ample time to use our imaginations and even more time to complete the chore list. Surrounded by pigs, cows, horses, barn cats and loyal mutts, we gathered life lessons like eggs in a basket and today attempt to share them with the next generation.

Our farm boy and very fairy farm princess are our reason for farming, for volunteering in our community and recognizing daily our place in God’s grand space. We are not here to take but to make better what has been put in our care.

For nine years I've been pen-paling with Chicago-area classes about life on the farm. We've been fortunate to host a few of them to our farm.

For nine years I’ve been pen-paling with Chicago-area classes about life on the farm. We’ve been fortunate to host a few of them to our farm.

Talking, writing, tweeting, and “liking” agriculture has become part of my daily routine. Our farm has always been open to students, teachers, industry groups and curious passers-by. But this renewed interest in the origins of food has taken the farm conversation from the corner coffee shop to the national stage. In the end, the message is the same: “Get to know your farmer.”

So, here at Rural Route 2, I introduce you to our farm. You will find a plethora of written word, bushels of self reflection, long-winded nostalgic essays, short rants on current events and just a few opinions about farming and food.  Oh yes, and very few pictures.  I am no photographer.

You will also find a space to ask a question, leave a comment or make a suggestion. This farm life is our privilege to share. Feel free to do just that by finding me on:

Instead of barns, our grain dryer and bins tower over our fields and home.

Instead of barns, our grain dryer and bins tower over our fields and home.

6 responses to “About

  1. Mickey Latendresse

    Katie, I love reading about your farm life. I grew up in Indiana many years ago surrounded by farms but not living on one myself. We did live “in the country” they said. I loved to go help on the neighbors farms and see all the exciting things our acreage seemed to lack. I laugh now because I would not make a good farmers wife but reading your blog brings back such warm memories. Thanks for taking the time to share and educate along the way. Mickey

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  3. Enjoyed reading about your experiences at June and Rays …they were such remarkable people, as was the King family. My parents were life time long friends of George and Edith in Lee Center, They vacationed together and shared so much raising their families..I can easily relate as you wrote about them. Mom did the same thing as June did in identifying and tagging items to pass on to those they wanted to have them …..such a thoughtful thing…and “so June”. BTW My mom’s name was also June. ( Howard and June Wellman) Ilove how you write..nice job! I have a blog as well,,It is such a great way to save info you come across…especially when it involves family. http://primcyn1.blogspot.com/2013/11/in-memory-of-june-dallam-rn.html Cindy

  4. Glad to find your blog from my friend Jodi’s blog. I love to find other families trying to continue their traditions!! Tina

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