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Christmas in The Country Gift Exchange

The past couple years I’ve seen posts circulating about a secret Santa style gift exchange among farm bloggers.  Remembering the fun and mystery of playing Secret Santa in past lives, I finally signed up this year.  Happy to report, the youthful excitement that accompanies an unexpected package still exists. Continue reading


Heart of the Farm Planner Giveaway

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My life is ruled by an old-fashioned pen and paper list.  Grocery lists ensure my get-in-and-out approach to shopping.  To do lists give me a sense of accomplishment. I love crossing off each task with a firm stroke of the … Continue reading


Why My Kids Won’t Get Technology for Christmas

No Tech for ChristmasParents, the pressure is real, is it not? To purchase technology from gaming systems to i-anything for our kids this Christmas. The glut of seasonal advertising isn’t all to blame. My farm boy announced he is one of five students in his class who does not have a phone. Peer pressure is strong. The farm princess prepared her Christmas list. It includes an i-phone 6s, an i-pod and an i-pad. A stacked list might increase her odds. Continue reading


Bubba-Bug Popcorn

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Now entering the third year, the kids’ popcorn business venture has evolved yet again.  Although the patch got bigger – three times over – it was still planted by hand.  My farm boy chose a different variety this year, which … Continue reading


We interrupt this 30 Days to bring you real life.

I woke to, “Mom! There is literally nothing left in the cupboards.”

Yep and no laundry had been done.

I co-chair the school’s book fair and had spent the week in the gym turned bookstore, helping kids and parents find books, books and more books.  Every day, students filed through pulling handfuls of piggy bank change from their pockets.  They were all so pleased to walk away with something from the book fair.  Continue reading


Post Double Take: Dad’s Church

Sleeping in is just not part of a farmer’s vocabulary.  Whether it was chores during the week or housecleaning on Saturdays, our bodies unfolded from deep sleep in the wee hours of every day. Sundays were no different.  Although our … Continue reading


Baling Hay in Pictures

Baling hay and straw was my job on the farm and I do miss the dust, sweat and scratch of the alfalfa and straw.  Continue reading

Farm Walks, Bike Rides & School Dances

In order to keep my sanity in the months after my farm boy was born, I took to packing him in the stroller and heading out for walks. The farmer to the north had a small pasture in which fluffy white sheep would graze. We visited often, watching lambs bounce around and grow big through the summer. Continue reading

Twilight Basketball

Twilight BasketballTonight we ate mac ‘n cheese from a box for dinner, pulled clean pjs straight from the dryer, and tripped over toys on our way to bed.  But I played basketball with my kids until the sun went down.  Somethings can’t wait until tomorrow.


#MotivationalMonday: Pep Talk From The Farm Princess

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#MotivationalMonday:  My farm princess keeps her daily pep talk taped to her bedroom door.  I have heard her repeat this with gusto.  If that’s how she needs to start the day, so be it.  Go You!