Flat Aggie: All About Dairy

With each Flat Aggie report, I’ll be putting together a list additional resources, websites, recipes, books, and activities.  Use this and farmer math from A Kansas Farm Mom to bring Flat Aggie’s Agmazing Adventures to life!

Use with Flat Aggie Visits Keriel Dairy.

Classroom Activities & Resources

From National Ag In The Classroom

From Illinois Ag In The Classroom: Dairy Ag Mag (compatible with smartboards)


  • Clarabelle by Cris Peterson (ISBN-13: 978-1590783108)
  • Click, Clack, Moo by Doreen Cronin & Betsy Lewin (ISBN-13: 978-1442433700)
  • Extra Cheese, Please! by Cris Peterson (ISBN-13: 978-1590782460)
  • Hooray for Dairy Farming by Bobbie Kalman
  • Food: Milk by Louise Spilsbury
  • The Butter Battle by Dr. Seuss

Web Resources

Shake it Up ~ Butter Making Recipe
• 1 empty baby food jar (or larger size pimiento jar with tight fitting lid)
• whipping cream
• good music
• smiling & screaming kids

1. Take 1 jar and fill 1/2 with whipping cream
2. Add several kids dancing and shaking with jars in hand
3. BINGO!! Butter!
4. Add a little salt and spread on sandwich bread.
5. It’s delicious
6. 1 teaspoon sour cream per 1/2 pint of whipping cream can be added

Calf pen

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