#Amplify YOU! FFA Week 2016

FFA changed the trajectory of my life. I write and speak about it often.  In a short four years, the iconic blue jacket took me from a freshman wallflower to a senior student leader. Now 20 years later, I still refer to the simple lessons taught through the FFA.

During this National FFA Week, February 20-27, I bring you stories from other FFA members, both past and present.  People who have won big awards, who have been inspired and are the inspiration.  People who are as passionate about the blue and gold as they are about agriculture, food and farming.  People who look to make a difference in their communities and understand that hard work need not be recognized with big reward.

Thank you to those who contributed.  And to all who will.  That means you!  Share your FFA story in the comments below.  Together we will #AmplifyFFA!

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FFA_Amplify_Blue_With Dates

What do you think? Please share by staying on topic, and refraining from offensive language and personal attacks. Thank you!

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