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Remembering Today

We’ve come to the end of another 30 Day blog challenge, although mine tuned into 25 Days, I think. So, I missed a few.  I didn’t explode, the world didn’t end and my life is still churning ahead at breakneck speed.  That’s a big lesson learned for Miss Type-A here. Continue reading

“Love Letter”

And so it was today, we formerly laid Grandma June to rest (although we know she is far from resting, but twirling around heaven’s dance floor in Grandpa’s arms).  Her service was all Grandma, from favorite, familiar hymns like “For the Beauty of the Earth” to the ballroom classic “Moonlight Serenade”. Continue reading


Eight years ago I thought if I had to drive another toy tractor from one side of the living room to the other, I might lose my mind.  As has been established, my farm boy came into the world knowing how to cultivate, plant, fertilize, spray, harvest and chisel.  And so before he was old enough to spend whole days in the real fields, we farmed our living room, celebrating several growing seasons in one day.  In fact, one evening he declared his dad was a slow farmer and he had magic fields. Continue reading

The Legend of Blacko

Barn cats were prolific on our farm.  My siblings and I would spend days searching for new kittens, finding cocoons tucked in the straw in different barns.  Not all the cats were friendly, but my siblings and I adopted a few.  Soon instead of prowling in the shadows, they’d wind through our legs and purr with a quick scratch behind the ears.  Continue reading

Making the Bed

As a new mom, I had a plan.  Because all first time moms have a plan. The baby will come, the mom will rest and life will move on.

I’ll pause here so all mothers can chuckle, because you know ya’ll had a plan too.  Continue reading

Cows Out

My Farmer and I spent the day in with the Cultivating Master Farmers group learning about estate and succession planning.  Interesting day and overwhelming topic.  Our trip home almost complete, my phone rang.

Breathless, my dad ignored hello and asked where we were, if we were close to home . . . being his home. Continue reading


The Secret Lives of Farmers

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Farm bloggers and talkers have a tendency to focus on the farmer and the farm, the night chores, the day chores, and the in between seasons chores.  The focus is on the why of what we do, what we wear … Continue reading

Watching the Weather

I’ve often wondered if everyone is tuned into the ebbs and flows of Mother Nature as much as a farmer.  I’m sure people are, but through my life experience lens knowing weather signs without the aid of a computer, cell phone or weather radio was and is vital.  Country living doesn’t lend itself to reliable early warnings. Continue reading

Popping Up Memories

30 Days of Farm Girl Memories rolls on after a bit of a break this weekend.  The break was necessary.   After posting “The Popcorn Stand” Friday along with the kids’ order form for their popcorn, our home turned into a working popcorn palace.  A big thank you goes to all the generous folks who indulged the kids’ entrepreneurial spirit. Continue reading


The Popcorn Stand

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Although Rural Route 2 saw its share of traffic, our attempts at opening a successful lemonade stand were thwarted by lack of customers. Our grandparents drove out from town to support their entrepreneurial grandkids.  Dad and Grandpa Ray stopped on … Continue reading