Flat Aggie Visits Keriel Dairy

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Welcome to the Keriel Dairy! We are 3rd generation dairy farmers. We are actually the last remaining dairy farm in the largest county (Butler) in Kansas.


What is a rural route?

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In true perfectionist and procrastinator style, I had decided to start blogging several months before I finally took the leap.  The title was the final detail preventing me from going live. I considered so many options, thought about it day … Continue reading


Christmas in The Country Gift Exchange

The past couple years I’ve seen posts circulating about a secret Santa style gift exchange among farm bloggers.  Remembering the fun and mystery of playing Secret Santa in past lives, I finally signed up this year.  Happy to report, the youthful excitement that accompanies an unexpected package still exists. Continue reading


From Chicken to Chocolate: Stop the Boycotts!

Fellow farmers and ranchers, foodies, scientists, agriculturalists and regular people who enjoy food but hate the shaming, marketing and random food labels clogging dinner conversations and newsfeeds . . . here’s a resolution for 2016.  Stop boycotts and start conversations with food companies.  Here’s why:

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Heart of the Farm Planner Giveaway

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My life is ruled by an old-fashioned pen and paper list.  Grocery lists ensure my get-in-and-out approach to shopping.  To do lists give me a sense of accomplishment. I love crossing off each task with a firm stroke of the … Continue reading


10 Most Fascinating People in Farms & Food: 2015

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Compiling a list of people whose actions summarize a year in the farm/food conversation is not an easy task. To be truly comprehensive, this list should include all the folks found on Santa’s Naughty List compiled by The Farmer’s Daughter … Continue reading


Why My Kids Won’t Get Technology for Christmas

No Tech for ChristmasParents, the pressure is real, is it not? To purchase technology from gaming systems to i-anything for our kids this Christmas. The glut of seasonal advertising isn’t all to blame. My farm boy announced he is one of five students in his class who does not have a phone. Peer pressure is strong. The farm princess prepared her Christmas list. It includes an i-phone 6s, an i-pod and an i-pad. A stacked list might increase her odds. Continue reading


Flat Aggie: All About Farm Equipment

With each Flat Aggie report, I’ll be putting together a list additional resources, websites, recipes, books, and activities.  Use this and farmer math from A Kansas Farm Mom to bring Flat Aggie’s Agmazing Adventures to life! Continue reading


Flat Aggie Visits Plagge Farms

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Hi Everyone! I just got back from visiting Ian and Val Plagge on their farm in North Central Iowa during corn and soybean harvest. Ian and Val, along with their kids Klayton (4), Audrey (2) and Lauren (9 months), along … Continue reading


#WordlessWednesday: Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks . . . Every sunset holds the promise of another sunrise.