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21st Century Vocational Education

Recently I joined parents and students in our high school auditorium to view the documentary Beyond Measure. The film profiles several school districts, their teachers, administrators and students, spotlighting the tired side of a standardized educational system driven by assessments and testing.  Then the filmmakers give us a taste of what could be by introducing those who dared the system — teachers who refused to give state mandated tests; teachers who tossed a cardboard box, wires, and a few robotics manuals at their students and said, “Build.” Administrators who asked their staff, “How can you be an effective teacher and how can I support you in that endeavor?” Continue reading

The FFA Creed

It’s FFA Week and from the looks of my social media newsfeeds, alumni members are pulling out the photos from days of yore and blue and gold jackets.  I sat down to write yet another tribute the organization that changed my life, but instead decided to reshare something I wrote last June.  It sums up FFA, its mission and its impact (as in makes a dent) on the lives of students.

Read “What’s In A Jacket?“.

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