Flat Aggie: All About Pigs

With each Flat Aggie report, I’ll be putting together a list additional resources, websites, recipes, books, and activities.  Use this with Flat Aggie’s report Anderson’s Pig FarmPig Farmer Math brings these Agmazing Adventures to life!

Classroom Activities & Resources


  • Farm Animals: Pigs by Rachel Bell
  • Smart, Clean Pigs by Allan Fowler
  • A Hog Ate My Homework by Gary Metivier
  • Pigs: Amazing Pictures and Facts About Pigs by Breanne Sartori
  • If You Give A Pig A Pancake by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond

Web Resources

Pig Lantern from Rock Island Co. Ag in the ClassroomActivity: Pig Lantern, From Rock Island, IL Ag in the Classroom

Materials Needed:

  • Miniature Paper Lanterns – various colors (can find at Oriental Trading Co.)
  • Paper cutouts (see picture below)
  • Google eyes
  • Corresponding colored cardstock or construction paper
  • Glue (dots or stick)


  1. Get 1 pink paper lantern.
  2. Get 2 pig ears and 1 pig nose.
  3. Using glue dots put the pig ears and nose on the lantern.
  4. Get 2 eyes and place them on the lantern.
  5. Get a pig tail and glue it to the back of the lantern.
  6. Cut notches into the ears (this is how farmers identify each pig and it feels like the pig is getting its ear pierced).

Pig Lantern Pieces

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