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Dr. Oz’s GMO Global Conspiracy . . . Debunked

Today, Dr. Oz uncovered the “global conspiracy” surrounding GMOs.  I usually avoid these types of sensationalized “investigative” reports because they are nothing more than a regurgitation of biased studies, “expert” testimony supporting the biased studies and absolutely no exploration of another side to the story.  However, this blog is not a commentary on sensational journalism.

It also isn’t meant to attack the character of Dr. Oz or the producers of his show. I don’t know them.  They could be really nice people just doing their jobs.  They don’t know me either, but I kinda wish they did because I could have helped them clarify some of the pseudo facts they presented during their segment on “Stealth GMOs”. Continue reading

Book Review: 40 Chances by Howard G. Buffett

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book that wasn’t written by Dr. Seuss, titled “Little House . . .” or chronicled the adventures of Junie B. Jones.  But when 40 Chances arrived in my mailbox, I scheduled time to read it, digest it and consider its lessons.

40 Chances: Finding Hope in A Hungry World by Howard G. Buffett (remember the ‘G’ because his son, Howard W. Buffett also contributes to the book) is a terrific look into the mind of a futuristic thinker, an entrepreneur with a philanthropist’s heart, and a farmer who manages a foundation dealing in billions of dollars.  The latter underscores the futuristic thinking, but does not take away from the overall lesson. Regardless if we’ve been given a billion dollars to fight a cause or if we’ve just been given a life on this planet, we have a responsibility to do better today than we did yesterday.  You don’t need a billion dollars to be a better farmer. You just need the heart and brain that God gave you.  Continue reading

Bookends of the Food Chain

Last week started with a quick trip to Dallas where I joined fellow advocate and cattle gal, Janice Wolfinger (read about her family’s feedyard at for the love of beef) and several hundred restaurant executives, owners, operators, chefs and food suppliers at MUFSO, the Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators Super Show.

With Chipolte’s Scarecrow dominating the food/farm conversation the last few weeks, I felt a bit defensive strolling into Sunday evening’s reception.  If we believe all we read on Facebook, this is an us versus them game, and Janice and I were facing an army of “them”. Continue reading

Shifting Gears

My last blog, The Terms of Transparency, reeked a bit of desperate frustration. Here I am willing, wanting, wishing to talk farm and food with someone but getting the sense that no one wanted to share in the give and take of conversing.

Well, as the Lord says, “Ask and ye shall receive.” Call it fate, destiny, karma, serendipity or just God giving me a shove out of a pity party, but this week I received. Continue reading

Lessons Not Found In Books

This teacher’s appreciation week I thank the teachers who taught me what can’t be found in books.  Life lessons I’ll not soon forget and the ones I’m still learning, all of which apply to today’s farm/food conversation.

Life Lesson #1: It is okay to be ignorant; it is not okay to stay that way. Continue reading

Grass Fed Chicken

This morning I had the pleasure of playing “straight(wo)man” to the funny, energetic and incredibly passionate personality Chef Danny Boome of ABC’s Recipe Rehab.   We tag-teamed on a satellite media tour organized by the US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance, speaking to 27 television and radio stations from all across the country – San Diego to New York and Fargo to Dallas – about food and buzzwords. (Funny how these pesky “buzzwords” keep coming up; read When Buzzwords Stop Buzzing). Continue reading