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Post Double Take: Dad’s Church

Sleeping in is just not part of a farmer’s vocabulary.  Whether it was chores during the week or housecleaning on Saturdays, our bodies unfolded from deep sleep in the wee hours of every day. Sundays were no different.  Although our … Continue reading


If You Invite Someone To Dinner . . .

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If you invite someone to dinner expect to have great conversation, to discover several 6-degrees of separation connections and to exchange information at night’s end that leads to great friendships.


The Anatomy of a Planter

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#Plant15 is well underway and with it comes newsfeeds filled with tractors and planters working at sunrise, sunset and every hour in between.  The planter, a must have for most farmers, is filled with thousands of moving parts.  How does … Continue reading

Farm Improvements for Future Generations

Agriculture: Sustaining Future Generations is the theme for this year’s National Ag Day. Sustainable is the buzz word that might have the most staying power in both farm and food conversations. It sounds green. It sounds smart. It elevates a simple kid’s phrase like “reduce, reuse, recycle” to an adult mantra of “environmentally friendly sustainable living”. Continue reading

Pizza Pie Dreams in the Sky

My favorite Ag in the Classroom unit is called Pizza Party. I created it my first year as the county’s ag literacy coordinator in a desperate attempt to get in front students and teachers. My grand plan was to offer food in exchange for three consecutive weeks (one day a week) of lessons about pizza and its connection to the farm. The final lesson would be delivered in a pizza box.  Who wouldn’t love a pizza party?! Continue reading

Field Meals: Menu 6

Sometimes field meals need not be served in the field.  Today, the crew moved to our home giving me an excuse not to load hot pans and dinner paraphernalia in the car, and giving the farmers a chance to sit at a table in a kitchen to enjoy a meal.  We’re six weeks in to this harvest season; the simple things are keeping us going now. Continue reading


Field Meals: Menu 4

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A meal served field-side serves more than the purpose of eating for energy and nourishment.  It is the one break in their 12 to 14 hour day that requires the crew to stretch and stand, balance a plate, converse with … Continue reading