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Dr. Oz’s GMO Global Conspiracy . . . Debunked

Today, Dr. Oz uncovered the “global conspiracy” surrounding GMOs.  I usually avoid these types of sensationalized “investigative” reports because they are nothing more than a regurgitation of biased studies, “expert” testimony supporting the biased studies and absolutely no exploration of another side to the story.  However, this blog is not a commentary on sensational journalism.

It also isn’t meant to attack the character of Dr. Oz or the producers of his show. I don’t know them.  They could be really nice people just doing their jobs.  They don’t know me either, but I kinda wish they did because I could have helped them clarify some of the pseudo facts they presented during their segment on “Stealth GMOs”. Continue reading

The Terms of Transparency

The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance hosted their seventh Food Dialogues in Chicago yesterday. The topic of discussion: transparency.  What does it mean? How are farmers transparent? And what is it that consumers want to know about their food? The whole discussion is posted here. Continue reading