Wordless Wednesday: A Boy & His Calf


Wordless Wednesday - no words“You’re really mine aren’t you?”  The thought burst into Eli’s head staightaway and stood there tingling, finally taking hold. He reached with his other hand and stroked the stray wisps of hair sprouting up between Little Joe’s ears.  Then he leaned closer and smelled his calf.  He knew he’d never forget that smell.  It was sweet and fresh . . . 

From Little Joe by Sandra Neil Wallace

3 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: A Boy & His Calf

  1. Very nice. I remember my first calf, Geraldine. . .

    • It’s been fun to see my farm boy experience the joys and challenges of caring for his calf. Took me back to my first calf as well . . . his name was Justin. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the picture.

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