A Year of the Farm Princess

Thanks to Facebook, I quickly scrolled through a year’s worth of status updates and discovered a common theme – my fairy farm princess.  She does do and say the darnedest things.  Here’s a few of her best efforts in 2013.

Whether playing 'fashion show', dancing at a recital or hanging out at the field, our farm princess always strikes a pose.

Whether playing ‘fashion show’, dancing at a recital or hanging out at the field, our farm princess always strikes a pose.

January 1:  I interrupted Nattie’s Barbie dance party to comment on one doll’s pink hair. Nattie scowled and said, “Mom, you don’t see her beauty like I do.” Oh my, my daughter is going to come home with pink hair one day!

January 26: I just heard Natalie ask her brother, “Do I look like a teenager in this shirt?” What???!!! She’s five, folks. Five. Say some prayers.

February 18: How do I know six days was just the right time for family vacation? Nattie walked in the house, powered up her karaoke machine and turned Kidz Bop on blast. “Mom, I so missed my music.” She is currently twirling like a dancing fool in the living room. Disney had a lot of things, but her personal dance floor was not one of them.

March 24:  Add to the files of “Kids Say the Darnedest Things”: Last night in typical male or farmer fashion, Andy reaches for a knife to open the plastic seal on a new container of ice cream. Instead of the plastic seal he cuts his finger really well and proceeds to muffle some not nice words but exclaims, “I cut myself. Ugh!” As Natalie hands him a paper towel to mop up the blood, she rolls her eyes, “Come on Dad. You’re a farmer.”

May 17: This morning the kids decided to communicate in written word only – their breakfast orders, could they wear sandals, what games to play. I’m picking up scraps of paper now scattered all over the house and found this on Nattie’s desk: “Hoow wil weey laf?” She answered her own question because the next paper I found says: “hee heeee heee.”

May 24: Up early to finish preparations for the arrival of our adopt-a-classroom class who will be arriving from the Chicago ‘burbs for the farm tour. The kids have been outside “practicing” their roles – Ethan wants to talk about the planter and Natalie, well, Natalie I have just been informed wants to direct the students around the farm. Social coordinator. How fitting.

June 7: Well, thank you Mother Nature. My fairy farm princess has had her first epic meltdown of the summer because she can’t (I won’t allow her to) wear a sundress outside on this 55 degree morning. I told her if she put on leggings and a sweatshirt, socks and shoes she’d be good to go. “But Mooooommmmmm. . . that’s not how you wear these dresses!” and she collapsed.  So, Mother Nature, I know last year I begged for you for rain. Switching gears a bit and looking for some warm summer sun. Please . . . for the sake of fashion.

And of course, she inspired some blogs as well.  What will 2014 bring?

3 responses to “A Year of the Farm Princess

  1. Too cute! Reminds me a little of my niece haha. When family (or anyone, for that matter) is gathered she will often call attention and tell everyone to be quite so she can either sing a song she makes up on the spot or some terrible one from Twilight. I think these two would get along famously

  2. Purple may be a better choice. This color looks great on everyone . Red is this month’s selection. Rock on Barbie.

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