30 Days of Farm Girl Memories

Here we go again.  Did we not just successfully complete a 30 Day Blog challenge?  Didn’t this adventure just end?

Life feels a bit like that, like we just boxed up Christmas in order to deck the halls again; careening through the weeks on a high speed chase to find that moment when all the things to do are all done.

In those harried moments, we squint to see better days in our past, so overwhelmed are we by what is happening today or by what is to come in the future.

Memories, like the corners of my mind  . . .

My 30 Day blog will indulge in this theory that relief from an overscheduled day can be found by reminiscing.  It’ll be like #ThrowbackThursday everyday here at Rural Route 2.

Now, where to begin . . .

Read all 30 Days of Farm Girl Memories

And find other 30 Day bloggers starting with the one who got us into this – Holly Spangler from My Generation.

Check out my 2012 adventure, 30 Days of the Not So Glamorous Life of This Farm Wife.

What do you think? Please share by staying on topic, and refraining from offensive language and personal attacks. Thank you!

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