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I have a “back to” project list. It’s a lengthy list of projects I started and will get back to one day, some day, maybe some months or years from now.

For example, my kids’ baby books have been on this list; well, since they were born. I know, I know. I deserve a bad mom badge for that.

Developing a garden journal is number 12 on the list. I do love to garden and have often thought I should map and document what I have planted where to avoid the annual spring head scratching. My Farmer will say, “What’s this?” And I’ll say, “I don’t know but leave it alone. It could be a flower.” More often than not it is a weed.

So last October I finally got my blog up and running. Having finally crossed that task off my “things to do” list, I then moved “revise blog” to the back to list and that is where it has sat until a few weeks ago.

I received a message from one Judi Graff from FarmnWife. Judi is a farm blogger helping farmers blog and her website is a goldmine of information about the blog-o-sphere. I had perused her website a few times looking for advice and added those tips as bullet points under my revise blog line on the back to list.

Thankfully this March, Judi reached out and challenged a group of bloggers to overhaul their blogs in a month before spring sprung and we abandoned our desk work for fields and gardens. She posted assignments and we posted our best efforts or greatest frustrations for review.

Judi took a tremendous amount of time from her days to coach along this random group of amateurs and individuals I would consider close to professionals (I fall in the amateur category). I took notes as if I were in class and now have a file labeled “blog”. Thanks to her prompting this less than techy farm girl learned the blogging lingo of widgets, plug-ins, and SEO. Just don’t ask me to use these in a sentence.

The result of this venture is a new look for Rural Route 2, and “revise blog” now crossed off my list.  Feel free to take a look around and let me know what you think. You can use my new “contact me” page too. Fancy schmancy, huh?

And to read even more about our blogging overhaul adventures start here at A Colorful Adventure by Janice Person.


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  1. I’m just checking this comment business out seeing as a leave a comment option did not appear when I originally posted this blog. Hmmmm. .. and the blog overhaul continues.