All This Corn & Not A Kernel To Eat

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Last summer two college grads, Lake and Catrin, were biking from NYC to California visiting farms along the way. Caught in a sudden summer storm, they ended up on our front porch and we shared an interesting discussion about food … Continue reading

Volunteers: Putting the Extra on Ordinary

Growing up, volunteering was as much a part of our lives as farming. I remember Dad rushing in after chores for a quick shower, bite to eat and splash of Old Spice cologne, then out the door to another late night meeting. He has served on every board imaginable – county farm bureau, fair association, township, school board, regional school board, pork producers. He did it because he felt that if he wanted a say, then maybe he should put in the time. Novel idea, don’t you think?

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Gifts from Cleaning House

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After Grandpa Ray died, Grandma June started to label things. We’d be over for a birthday dinner and one of us would remark, “I really like this picture frame.” The next time we visited a label with the admirer’s name … Continue reading

1 Sunrise & 4 Mouths To Feed

Obviously, I’m a bit behind in my posting of it, but in case you haven’t heard today is National Ag Day. I write that a bit in jest since my social media newsfeeds are nothing but Ag Day posts and well wishes.

This year’s theme was 365 Sunrises and 7 Billion Mouths to Feed. As the sun’s rays stretched across our fields on this 84th day of the year, I was thinking less about seven billion mouths and more about the two that begged for a “different breakfast” before school this morning. They settled for a homemade version of an egg mcmuffin.

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That Awkward Moment When You Realize People Don’t Eat Fruits & Veggies Because They Just Don’t.

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Last week the headline That Awkward Moment When You Realize It Takes Almost Nothing to Fix Food In America popped up in my newsfeed.  Curious, I clicked and found an easy-on-the-eyes infographic titled Plant the Plate that pieced together how … Continue reading

Would You Rather Win a Medal or Just Jump

Would You Rather games are quite popular these days.  The premise is to ask a question that poses a rather impossible situation or just a silly scenario.

Would you rather drive a moped on a tight rope or go over Niagara Falls in a barrel?

Would you rather be Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter?

Today, our farm boy brought home a “Would You Rather” worksheet from school.  The students had to write their own question and then answer it.  Our farm boy wrote:  “Would you rather be the best at ski jumping but never get to the Olympics OR be able to compete in the Olympics but not win a medal?Continue reading

The FFA Creed

It’s FFA Week and from the looks of my social media newsfeeds, alumni members are pulling out the photos from days of yore and blue and gold jackets.  I sat down to write yet another tribute the organization that changed my life, but instead decided to reshare something I wrote last June.  It sums up FFA, its mission and its impact (as in makes a dent) on the lives of students.

Read “What’s In A Jacket?“.

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