Wordless Wednesday: Farm Kid Summers

Farm Kid SummerFrom author Michelle Houts new book The Practical County Drama Queen:

“What Sarah Cuthbert and other town kids just don’t get is that farm kids have a life beyond the swimming pool. But, that’s okay. I’ll try to make it there once or twice, just to see people and show that I’m not a complete and total farm nerd.”

How true. How true. During my childhood, I spent more time with my cows or in the garden or in the fields than at any typical kid-friendly summer activity.  And this summer, in particular, my farm boy is doing the same.  Farm kid summers are different and that’s okay.



Flat Aggie Visits Holly Berry Farm

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Greetings from Santa Claus, Indiana and Holly Berry Farm! Flat Aggie is so excited to tell you about her stay here and all about our matted row strawberry patch! Holly Berry Farm is located in southern Indiana about 20 miles … Continue reading


I Plant GMOs in My Fields, Not in My Garden

Back in early February, I sat in my kitchen in front of my laptop preparing to Skype for the first time. I know, I know. My lack of techy-ness is shining through. I use my computer for work, my phone to talk to people and the TV to watch. Old school. Continue reading


Flat Aggie visits Rosy-Lane Holsteins

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Flat Aggie, the “cousin” of Flat Stanley came to me via Tales Of A Kansas Farm Mom, which came to her from The House That Ag Built.  It is a terrific project that brings geography, history, sociology and agriculture into … Continue reading


Where Have All The Teachers Gone?

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Mid-April, leaders in Illinois agriculture education met in Springfield to discuss an epidemic plaguing the nation. We don’t have ag teachers. In fact, according to the National Teach Ag Campaign our country is operating at an annual deficit of 400 … Continue reading

Dinner & A Movie: A Review of Farmland

Rain on the farm guarantees certain things.
1) My Farmer doesn’t feel the need to escape the house at 5 a.m.
2) The honey-do list is completed.
3) We are more likely to go out to dinner (with a trip to Farm & Fleet included).

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A Day of Spring Firsts

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Today was a good day of firsts.  After the longest winter ever (so says the farm princess), I think we deserved a day of firsts.  From our first spring flowers . . .