Dr. Oz’s Enlist Experts . . . Debunked

I think I’ll start a blog series titled Dr. Oz . . . Debunked, because TV’s infamous doctor is at it again, prescribing fear over fact in regards to farming and food. His latest attack posed as outrage over the potential approval of a new pesticide, but his real motives are a) ratings and b) eliminating farmers’ ability to raise crops in an efficient, environmentally sound and sustainable manner. Continue reading

Five Ways to Eat Okra

Thanks to the burst of heat and humidity the last couple weeks, my okra plants have exploded. Okra likes heat and the plants usually grow to four to five feet tall. But this cool summer has kept them short and their fruits in short supply as well. Yep, okra is another one of those “vegetables” which are actually fruits. Continue reading


Five Ways to Eat Eggplant

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Late summer is my favorite time to cook because my ingredients are literally falling off the plants in my garden.  Tomatoes, onions, lettuce, peppers, carrots, celery, okra, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, zucchini, squash, cucumbers and eggplant.  Heaven!

Can I Have Some Time?

Back in the winter, when our first i-pad arrived at the house, My Farmer and I instituted the “time” rule – 30 minutes a day the kids could play games. We downloaded a timer app while simultaneously watching the clock, fearing 30 minutes staring at the screen would turn their brains to mush.  So far, no mush. Continue reading


A Farm Boy’s First Love

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Last fall, when my newly-minted 4-H member announced he wanted a cow for a 4-H project, my heart just about burst. Growing up, my cows and calves had been my best friends.  A long drama filled junior high school day … Continue reading

National Zucchini Day

National Zucchini DayIt’s National Zucchini Day!  My mom says this time of year is the only time folks will lock their cars while at mass on Sunday.  Why?  Too many well-meaning gardeners (myself included) looking to leave a gift of zucchini for our neighbors.

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Wordless Wednesday: A Boy & His Calf


Wordless Wednesday - no words“You’re really mine aren’t you?”  The thought burst into Eli’s head staightaway and stood there tingling, finally taking hold. He reached with his other hand and stroked the stray wisps of hair sprouting up between Little Joe’s ears.  Then he leaned closer and smelled his calf.  He knew he’d never forget that smell.  It was sweet and fresh . . . 

From Little Joe by Sandra Neil Wallace