Field Meals: Menu 7

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Tonight, as the crew chowed down dinner, my brother-in-law mentioned that a rep from a local ag business wanted to bring dinner Saturday night.  Many ag businesses will deliver lunch or dinner to harvest crews.  It is a great customer … Continue reading

Field Meals: Menu 6

Sometimes field meals need not be served in the field.  Today, the crew moved to our home giving me an excuse not to load hot pans and dinner paraphernalia in the car, and giving the farmers a chance to sit at a table in a kitchen to enjoy a meal.  We’re six weeks in to this harvest season; the simple things are keeping us going now. Continue reading

Field Meals: Menu 5

Preparing a meal for field-side dining is one thing.  Being prepared to serve, eat and clean-up in said field is entirely another.  Here are a few tips on doing just that: Continue reading


Field Meals: Menu 4

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A meal served field-side serves more than the purpose of eating for energy and nourishment.  It is the one break in their 12 to 14 hour day that requires the crew to stretch and stand, balance a plate, converse with … Continue reading

Flat Aggie: All About Pumpkins

With each Flat Aggie report, I’ll be putting together a list additional resources, websites, recipes, books, and activities.  Use this and farmer math from A Kansas Farm Mom to bring Flat Aggie’s Agmazing Adventures to life! Continue reading


Flat Aggie Visits The Great Pumpkin Patch

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The Condill family welcomed me with open arms to their Centennial farm, The 200 Acres. The 200 Acres is made up of The Great Pumpkin Patch, The Homestead Bakery and The Homestead Seeds. They take pumpkins all the way from … Continue reading

Field Meals: Menu 3

And the rain came pouring down, but not enough to slow My Farmer.  By noon, the semi was hauling in corn, thus I reluctantly spent the afternoon in the kitchen preparing dinner.  This farmer’s wife doesn’t always greet dinner duty with bells on.

Tonight’s rather simple dinner was delivered and served just as the skies opened up in a twilight rain which effectively sent the farmers home. Continue reading